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New speciality Filaments - IN STOCK

Thermochrome colour changing PLA, EcoFlex flexable rubber-like PLA, Laywood wood like filament and Laybrick stone-like filament. All new speciality filaments from Kolobus. These are some really exciting new filaments, now making even more ideas come to life. Check out the filament page for more info and video's on these brand new filaments!


Kolobus Printer testing

We have introduced even more rigorous tests with the printers we sell before sale. Each printer is checked visually, belts tension checked, nozzles calibrated and then a final test print performed and inspected to make sure each printer sent out is working as it should. Once we are happy, each machine is packaged with its test print ready to be sent out to the lucky customer.



Here is a clip of us running test prints on our Kolobus Duplicator 4 PRO 3D printers



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Kolobus 3D

Welcome to Kolobus. We are a UK based online store specialising in 3D printers aimed at everyone - from the DIY users and Schools to professional prototypers. We carefully source the best parts available and offer them at unbeatable online prices. We ship all orders as quickly as possible.. Orders over £99 = FREE DELIVERY. Orders under £99 = £3.50 delivery charge

3D printers for Schools

If you are a school and are looking to buy a 3D printer then look no further. Here at Kolobus we have the perfect package. We make the introduction into 3D printing a pleasurable one, rather than a stress. We can provide all help and advise needed before and after sale. Also with our printers we enclose full Kolobus instructions on how to set up and start printing. We have successfully sold our printer packages to many schools and if you are interested then please contact us: info@kolobus.co.uk